Setting up a brand kit

Learn how to create a collection of brand assets to create consistent and professional designs for your business or personal projects. A brand kit is a collection of brand assets like logos, colors, fonts, graphics, and templates. They can be created from scratch or from an existing library and shared with colleagues, who can have edit or view privileges.

A brand case is a collection of brand assets that you can use to create consistent and professional designs for your business or personal projects. A brand can include logos, colors, fonts, graphics and templates that match your brand identity and style.
You can create a brand kit from scratch or from an existing library in Adobe Express. You can also upload your own custom fonts and graphics or choose from the Adobe Fonts Library and the Adobe Stock Library. You can access your brands by navigating towards the Your Stuff tab on the left hand side of the home page and then clicking through to brands. I’m going to show you a brand that I’ve made and then we’re going to create one together. So in my Gelato brand, I have type styles, logos, shapes round those primary and secondary colors as well as imagery and video assets.
I made this particular brand via the Creative Cloud desktop application but we’re going to create a much simpler one together now. We’re going to start by pressing create a brand and we’ll call this brand my brand. We’re going to drag some assets that I have saved on my desktop into the relevant dropbox. So for this logo, I’m just going to upload it into the logos tab. Same with this other logo for graphics I’m going to upload this PNG.
Just getting a quick preview of it. Templates we can create a bit later and for colors we can upload our specific colors using a hex value. So I’m going to add my company’s red pink and white using this method for my fonts I can choose any that have been uploaded via the admin console or any fonts that have been sourced from Adobe fonts I’m just going to choose this Adobe Clean regular and this Adobe Clean Bold as my two fonts You can of course scroll through the fonts and select any that you may like.
Will want to share this brand case with our colleagues. I can do that very simply just by pressing the three little dots, pressing, invite people and adding my colleague by their email address. I can set their privileges to can edit or can view. Can edit will mean that they’ll be able to edit the elements in the brand case and can view will mean that they can only access and see the elements without the ability to actually change them themselves. It’s important to note that when a element within a brand kit is updated by someone with edit privileges, that change will be reflected across everyone’s instance of the brand kit. So if a logo changes from red to green overnight, the editor will make that change and everyone will have the updated logo.
So let’s see our elements within our brand kit. Working together on a creative project. We have the graphic that was uploaded. We have our choice of logos which are uploaded and now we can add our text and choose the fonts that are within our brand case.
This short example shows how we can achieve branding consistency across a team or across an organization by using functions such as brand kits. Our logos are all the same. Our fonts and the colors that we use are all the same, and they’re all used on top of brand approved assets and imagery.

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