How to add text

Learn all the different ways to add text to creative projects, including editing, moving, and deleting text layers, changing fonts, adjusting text size and layout, aligning text, changing fill color and outline, adding drop shadows, and using shapes and cut out text. Recommended fonts are provided for inspiration.

We’re now going to look at all the different ways in which we can add text to our creative projects. So all of these techniques will be applicable across newsletters, social media posts, PDFs. These are just the basic principles of adding text. So I’ve been given some text within a ten place. And for the sake of this demonstration, I’m just going to ungroup those layers that were previously a group. This means I can edit the individual layers and move them nice and easily.
I can select any text box and click and drag over any words that I want to replace. So in this case, we’re replacing it with London.
Very similar process to anything like Photoshop or PowerPoint, if that’s what you’re use to using.
Moving the text layers around My canvas is nice and easy, just selecting the text box and drag in as wherever I want it.
I can of course delete by just selecting and pressing the backspace to.
So now I’m going to add some new text. So hovering over it to text on the left hand side, the big blue button. Add your text. I’ve added my text, but it’s come in the font. That was part of the template previously. And now I want to, of course, change the font to something that’s more on brand for me so I can select the elements of a text box, jump into the dropdown folder on the left hand side and select any font that I see fit. I’m just going to use some Adobe clean for this.
We also have I recommended fonts given to us at the top of the text tab so I can click into these and these are just recommendations for what express things would fit the tone of the post or the PDF as we scroll through them. Some of them are pretty nice, pretty wacky. I like to come here to get some inspiration and express helps me think outside the box a bit when choosing fonts for my social post and some fonts you see there in the bold dropdown menu, you’ll have different options to make it bold. Italic light extra bold. So just have a look under there and then we can underline it and make it italic as well. Using those little selection buttons to scale the text I can describe the handles on the corners or I can use this plus and minus functionality here to change the text size. For the text layout, we have a number of different options. We have default dynamic as I’m showing now, changes the scale of different words on different lines.
Looks pretty nice.
We also have like a circle, an arc and then a bow, which is the inversion of an arc. So some nice creative ways to fit your text into your social post.
Now I’m going to scrub through and find a font that I got from Adobe Fonts and apply it here.
And what I can also do is add this font to my brand kit just by clicking that button on the right hand side. And the brand kit that I’m in, those fonts will sort themselves to the top, so they’re easily accessible for me.
I’m going to change the fill color of a text, change the size once again.
And now we’re going to have a look at some of the alignment tools. So we have our bullet points here.
We also have the ability to add numbers too. So I’m going to list a couple of flavors of ice cream chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. And now I want to align them to the left. And I can do that with that little dropdown menu, our line spacing So this is a paragraph, or if it’s bullet points like we have on screen, we can choose the distance between the lines using this slider and letter spacing as well so we can get nice and creative with some of our texts with this slider, we can change the fill color so we can use our swatches. I don’t have a kind of chocolaty brown, so I’m just going to use this selection tool to choose a nice brown.
Same here with the vanilla and with the strawberry. I’m actually going to choose the pink from a strawberry ice cream with my color picker.
And if you remember from when we set up our brand, it actually saved the official pink my brand kit. So I’m just going to change it back to that.
We have a fill and we can also choose an outline. So I’ve chosen a black sort of outline here and I can increase the thickness using this slider. So nice way of kind of making our text pop a bit on our canvas.
We want a nice thick border. So I’m just going to leave it just about there and scale it up a bit.
And if you wish, you can choose the opacity here, some mirroring functions here as well.
Next, we’re going to add a quick drop. Shadow is in the shadow tool. We have a number of different options between more hazy, smooth, classic and glowing effects, and we can also add a custom drop shadow. So increase or decrease the blur, change the angle in which the drop shadow drops and also the distance, how far the shadow falls.
We can also add a shape behind our text in the menu within shape. There are a number of different squares, rectangles, circles we can place behind our text again, just allowing it to pop off the screen a bit more.
We also have a cut out text option, so this will make the text transparent so we can actually see through the shape that the text leaves in the shape.

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