How to add a Gen AI Image

Discover how to add generative AI images, powered by Adobe Firefly, to your creative projects. Personalize your content by generating images based on text prompts, with options for different styles and content types.

One of Adobe’s most exciting recent releases has been generative AI powered by Adobe Firefly, and we can use some of that capability within Adobe Express.
I can add AI generative image by navigating into media pressing text to image, then selecting whether I want a portrait or a landscape image.
I’m going to click on wide screen. So this will be a landscape and then I can drag the corners to adjust the size. Now, in the textbox I can add a prompt and prompting is how we tell the generative AI what we want it to create. In this case, I’m asking for a waterfall of chocolate and caramel and a tropical forest. And my content type is set to photo and we’re given four different options based on the prompt. It’s pretty cool.
So I can cycle between these and I can use these styles that are just above the options to add an extra layer of my own creativity. Upon the prompt so I can select any number of these. I’ve selected hyper realistic and I’ve selected misty and let’s see what changes occur in the image.
Amazing. I definitely think it’s more hyper realistic and there’s certainly some mist coming off of the falling water. That’s pretty good.
Now I’m going to change my content type to art and I’m also going to tweak the prompt. So it’s going to be now a tropical forest made of candy.
I’m going to select digital art and cartoon. So we’re expecting a different style of image based on the choices that I’ve made above.
And it’s certainly very different compared to the original image that we got.
The forest is certainly made of chocolate and candy, and it definitely has a playful sort of cartoon energy to the photo.

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