How to collaborate

Learn how to collaborate with colleagues on creative projects, including inviting them, setting permissions, resolving comments, and working on the project simultaneously.

In many of your creative projects, you’ll be working with colleagues. These colleagues may be collaborating with you on the project, or they may be a manager who needs to review and comment on the project.
Let’s begin this process by inviting someone to the project. I can set the invitees permissions within a project determining whether they can edit the project, or they can only view it and comment on it.
I will see a red dot on the speech bubble on the top banner. When there is a comment left on the project in this case, Elizabeth has dropped a pen on the background and she’s asked me to add an image to bring it together.
I can reply by saying okay, and I’ll go ahead and complete that task for her.
I can click the tick icon to resolve the comment. This comment will be moved to a separate folder and I can find it using the filter icon on the bottom. This is a good way of keeping track of the comments and the collaboration that takes place in a project. As Elizabeth as Editor writes, she can work on the project on her own, but we can also collaborate on the project together at the same time. Here Elizabeth is adding some text and I’m adjusting the images on the canvas. Now I’m able to edit the text that she’s added while Elizabeth goes ahead and drags in some images onto the canvas.

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