Starting a project

Learn how to create a brand new project starting from scratch using a specific canvas size, such as an Instagram square post.

We’ve already covered a number of ways in which we can start projects, namely by using templates which have been professionally made for us.
We do, of course, have the option to create a brand new project from scratch, and we’ll do that by heading towards the big blue button on the top left corner at the plus sign and selecting the size of the canvas in which we want to work on. When we scroll through the menu, we’re given many, many options of different canvas sizes which feature different aspect ratios. All of these are just canvases for us to create upon.
For example, if I type in TikTok, it knows that a TikTok ad or TikTok video follows a certain aspect ratio and will be brought through to that next screen with a blank canvas.
Sometimes we need to create something that fits a specific aspect ratio, and this aspect ratio may not be common on different platforms. For example, a particular banner or header fits a very specific aspect ratio, which we can just type in to the boxes and it will give us that canvas in that exact ratio.
Another common way of kicking off a project is by uploading media from your computer, by pressing this black upload media button and we can set this media to a specific aspect ratio, or we can choose to hold the original aspect ratio of the media. For this example, I’m just going to use an Instagram square post. So 1080 by 1080 and you can see how I can drag my media to fit that canvas.

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