Text effects

Learn how to create unique and inspiring text for your projects using simple text prompts. Text effects allows you to enhance your creativity and create extraordinary text for your projects. Try Adobe Firefly here.

In this video, we are going to be looking at text effects. To start, click on the text effects link. Here you’ll be able to generate the text and design it in a specific look and feel to reflect a specific idea. For example, we have a new flavor of ice cream coming out, which is mint. So I want the copy to say mint and I want it to be composed of mint leaves. Press generate to get a result. You can now see that the word mint has been generated and made up of mint leaves. Try to keep the prompts as simple as possible for this so you don’t overcomplicate the text that you are creating. There are several elements that we can use to refine our creation, aside from using sample prompts to guide you. You can decide that if you want the objects, for example, the mint leaves to be a little bit looser, that is, that they break out of shape. You can also choose the typeface. Maybe in this instance we want something a little bit more vertical and condensed. You can now see that the leaves are breaking out and the font has changed. You can choose from four options. This might be a little bit too hard to read, so I’m just going to go with this. You may notice the background is a checkered gray and white pattern. This means that this image sits on a fully transparent background, which means that once I download this, I can put this on any number of content, such as PowerPoint presentations and whatnot. However, you can choose to have a solid background, for example, white, gray or black. Once you’re happy with the final output, you can download the image, copy it on to any other program, or you edit it in Adobe Express.