Search Adobe Stock licensing history

In this video tutorial, learn how to quickly search your organization’s Adobe Stock licensing history in Creative Cloud for enterprise.

Introducing Adobe Stock for enterprise search license history. Have you ever tried looking for an image you or a colleague licensed a few months ago? Now there’s no need to browse all the pages of your organization’s license history. Let’s start by going to Click your username in the upper right corner and choose license history. You will now see license history in the search bar in the upper left corner. This is the new feature. If I scroll down, all assets that have been licensed by myself and my coworkers, include 1300 pages of search history. So I know I’m looking for a mountain shot. So I will type in the keyword “outdoors”. It gives predictive keywords as you type. I’ll hit Enter to do the search. If I scroll down, now I have 107 pages of search history. But I want to get more specific. So I’ll scroll back up and use the filter to further narrow my search. Instead of looking for all media, I’m specifically looking for a video. If I scroll down, now I only have 18 pages of search results but I’m not seeing the mountain video that I’m looking for. So I can even further restrict my search criteria using a filter. Instead of looking for all dates, I can look in the last 15, 30 days, six months or last year or if I know roughly the date range, I could put a start and end date. But let’s look in the last six months. There’s only three pages of search history. And I’ve looked through the first page. So let’s check out page two. And there it is. I was looking for this aerial video. To the right, I could re-download this asset, but I’ll click on it to ensure that that’s the correct one. I could license a higher resolution for any version of this video. You also have the ability to search by the same criteria as you do when you’re purchasing a new asset. You can search by asset type. Images, videos, audio templates, 3D, free assets, even premium and editorial content. Search in license history was a top request from enterprise users with large license histories. Users can see all assets that have been licensed by colleagues, except ones from private profiles or if the user is part of an isolated profile. The new search and license history feature saves time and money by giving enterprise users a fast, easy way to search through their organization’s license history. We will continue to make these types of improvements to Adobe Stock with the goal of helping customers to work more efficiently and create high impact content at scale. -