Examples of how to use Firefly

Learn how you can use Firefly to create inspiring PowerPoint presentations, mood boards, ideation, screensavers and more. Try Adobe Firefly here.

Now that Firefly has generated an image to my liking, there are several ways I can maximize its use. First of all, I can grab the image and download it, or I can copy the image into another application such as PowerPoint and paste it on the slide. You can quickly see how this image makes the slide look so much better. Another use case is using Firefly images for Moodboard or ideation. We can use Firefly to brainstorm ideas and keep generating different variations, pasting them in PowerPoint to share them with our coworkers. Maybe we can create a couple more examples so we can generate similar mood boards. You can also use Adobe Firefly to create screensavers. Anything that you might require an image for. Just use Firefly rather than spending time searching online. Remember, these images are safe for commercial use, so have fun and enjoy creating.