Creating Creative Cloud Libraries for teams

Learn how to share assets within a group or team using Creative Cloud Libraries for teams. These types of libraries are not tied to an individual user account, instead the library belongs to the team. You can identify team libraries by the building image icon.

Use Creative Cloud Libraries for teams anytime your organization must retain ownership of creative assets. Some examples include: corporate style guide, shared projects, and UI design elements.
Introducing Adobe Creative Cloud libraries for teams. If you work at a large organization and your team would like to share assets, you could have an individual create a library of corporate assets or branding assets. If they save it as a team library, all members of that team now have access to it. Creative Cloud team libraries are stored in a centralized location. It doesn’t matter who created the library or if someone leaves the company, the library remains in the same place. If you have multiple departments and multiple libraries that you need access to, team libraries can also be followed or unfollowed. With Creative Cloud libraries for teams, you can easily share design elements, colors, text, styles, stock photos, brushes, audio, video and more. These items as well as updates are automatically synchronized. Join me in welcoming this new feature to the powerful tools of Adobe Creative Cloud. -