Create flyer content for marketing campaign with Firefly

Learn how to use Text to Image, powered by Adobe Firefly, in Adobe Express to create to create localized content from a global hotel marketing campaign. This tutorial uses the new Adobe Express.

In this demonstration, we’re going to see how the power of Adobe Express and Firefly can help me take existing marketing materials and make regional on-brand variations in a matter of moments. I’m the regional manager for Savoy Resorts in the Alps. My colleague has sent me the latest version of one of our in-room member offers and while it’s great, I’d like it to reflect our regional character and boutique branding. This is a normally challenging and time-consuming activity, but not with Adobe Express and Firefly. It’s easy to upload the PDF into Express to get started, and within a moment I’m able to make editable changes to this document.
First, let’s go and create some regionally appropriate imagery for our mountain boutique hotel. I’m going to use the power of Adobe Express Firefly text to image to describe something that is similar in theme but mountain oriented. So we’re going to have a person standing in front of a mountain range back to the camera and let’s make it in winter. I can also choose the style of image that I want to generate. In this case, I’m just going to use art which aligns with the original image. And now I’ll hit generate and Firefly will go about creating brand new, unique piece of art for my campaign. I’m going to resize it to the appropriate location and within seconds Firefly has generated brand new, unique, diverse, and compelling artwork with just a single click. I like this variation. And since we’re in the mountains, the horizons are a little high, so why don’t we change this to new heights? I could make additional changes to the copy if I wish, but this message is good as is. And now let’s apply some regional branding. Our boutique hotel has a slightly different logo, so I’m going to go to Creative Cloud Library that my design colleagues have already set up for me which have our boutique logo inside it. I can drag and drop it directly onto the canvas, position it where the previous one was, and within a few short seconds I’ve been able to rebrand this in-room adventure card with my regional character. I’m very pleased with my results. So I’ll download this again in PDF format so I can easily send it off to my local print vendor for output. I’m going to take one last spot check here in Adobe Acrobat and it looks fantastic. And I was able to do all of this in two minutes flat. That is just scratching the surface of the power of Adobe Express and Firefly.