Create recruiting and on-boarding content with Firefly

Learn how to use Text to Image, powered by Adobe Firefly, in Adobe Express to create unique graphics for employee recruiting and on-boarding content. In this example, templates are used so that everyone within the company creates content that’s precisely on-brand. This tutorial uses the new Adobe Express.

In this demo, we’re gonna see how Adobe Express and Firefly can help streamline talent recruiting and employee onboarding. As a talent recruiter, I wanna attract the best candidates to my company. However, in a competitive job market, it can be hard to stand out on social media. What’s more, my marketing team has limited resources to dedicate to talent and HR marketing. Fortunately, with Adobe Express, I can create posts and promote my job openings myself. Templates make it easy for me to spend less time designing and instead customize so that I stay on brand. In this example, we’re hiring for a senior VR developer in Seattle, and I just can enter in my job information, easy. We also wanna add an image related to the job. Now, I can search for a stock image from Adobe Stock, but finding a person wearing a VR headset with Seattle in the background might be a little specific to find a stock image for. Fortunately, text to image powered by Adobe Firefly can help. I can put in my text prompt, a person wearing a VR headset in Seattle, and Firefly will generate unique images based on the prompt. Not only does it provide different options, but it also provides a diverse and representative set of results for me to choose from, making it easy for me to create different variations. Along with this, I can use video animations to catch the attention of talent. Once ready, I can simply download or export, and it just took me a quick minute to create.
Now, if we switch roles to the hiring manager, they have some documents they want to combine into a PDF to send to the candidate. Quick Actions in Adobe Express allows us to do several common PDF actions, such as combining a PDF. We simply upload our files, and Adobe Express will return a combined PDF we can download.
Finally, if we fast forward, our new employee is about to start, and we want to introduce them to the world on their first day. We could also use a template for that new employee announcement. When we upload a photo of our new employee, Adobe Express can automatically remove the background, something that can be tedious and require a designer, we were able to do in one simple click. We can enter the candidate’s name here, and now things are looking good. We can also schedule directly in Adobe Express to post in social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, so that the announcement is posted on their first day automatically. As we can see, Adobe Express and Firefly can help accelerate creating content throughout the talent recruiting and onboarding journey.