Easily run social campaigns

Learn how to use Text to Image, powered by Adobe Firefly, to create unique graphic content for web, blog, & social campaigns. This tutorial uses the new Adobe Express.

In this demo, we’ll see how you can use Adobe Firefly and Express to quickly create content for a blog article. Here we have a blog post that we need to create a header image. Normally, we would search for a stock image. However, if we’re looking for something specific, like a modern home with mountains and a cell phone tower in the background, that might be too specific to find a stock image. To get that, we’d probably need to ask an artist to composite an image in Photoshop. Fortunately, with Adobe Express and Firefly, we can easily create commercially safe images ourselves. We can use text to image powered by Adobe Firefly to generate an image using a text prompt. We can also specify a content type, whether it’s a photorealistic image, a graphic, or an artistic style. And once we generate, Firefly generates a number of images we can choose from. Notice that each of these also include that mountain, the cell phone tower, and the modern house near a lake. When you find an image that you really like, you can click thumbs up, which helps Firefly learn and improve its results in future generations. It even recognizes the water and puts a reflection of the mountains. This image seems like the right image for us to use, so we can move on and download the image and add it to our blog post.
Now that the blog post is looking good, we want to promote it when it gets published. In Express, we can also create posts for social media. Here we’re taking that image and adapting it to our corporate template to ensure that our posts match our corporate brand guidelines.
Once we’re ready, we can also schedule that content for publishing using Scheduler. This allows you to schedule content to publish on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media channels. At the right time, that’ll get posted automatically. So as you can see, Adobe Express makes it easy for you to create content for your blogs and web content, and text-to-image powered by Firefly can then help create unique commercially safe images to help your blogs and posts stand out.