Update finance round-up image

Quickly update a static graphic image by replacing elements using generative fill, changing text by matching the typeface and color, and removing the background on new images. This is a quick and easy way to repurpose graphic assets like finance round-ups.

In this section, we are going to cover how you can alter an image with uneditable text and elements. The example we have here is a JPEG for a financial report header, and none of these components are changeable. Adobe Express can help us make changes to this image starting on the Adobe Express homepage. Drag and drop your image over here and create a new Express project. Once the image loads, we can start making changes.
First off, we need to replace the person on the left. Select the image and then press generative fill from the left hand panel with the brush paint over the figure. You can increase the size of the brush to make it easier to simply remove the person. Don’t put in a prompt in the text box. Leave it blank and press generate. The AI will sample the rest of the image and fill in the background, erasing the person. It’s given us a couple of options. Choose the best option or regenerate if you are unhappy with the result. Once you’re done, click done. If you want to remove the entire headline anything, use the same approach. However, if you just want to change the foreign Q four and make it a three for Q three, the best way to do it is to use a textbox over the original headline. Since we have a brand kit, we can quickly access the fonts that match the headline. So the next thing to do is to change the typeface to match the brand. Make it smaller and move it over there to match it. Next, we need to change the color to yellow to match the rest of the typeface. So use the Eyedropper Tool to pick up the yellow from the rest of the headline.
Lastly, we need to cover the four. To achieve this, we’ll need to add a shape to the three and I textbox.
Seems like Express has created a yellow box. However, we can quickly change that to black.
Before we finish, we need to introduce a new person on the left hand side. Obviously you can upload your own image, but we can use something from the stock library. Let us use this image of a man to remove the background. We need to select the image and click. Remove the background and let the AI do the rest.
That is all the changes we needed to make. So simply download the header as a PNG to use in the financial report.