Generative fill

Learn how to use Generative fill to add, expand, or remove content from your images non-destructively using simple text prompts. Generative fill allows you to enhance your creativity and create extraordinary projects. Try Adobe Firefly here.

In this video we will look at generative fill to start click the generative fill link with generative fill. You can upload your own images or use images you generated in the text image section of Firefly. You will be able to add elements to the images or seamlessly erase entire sections. I’m just going to use the sample image to show you how this works. First off, you can use the remove tool if you want to clean parts of the image by drawing over the lamp and then pressing remove Firefly will sample the rest of the image and remove that section by blending it in. It will give you three options for results. Once you’re happy with one of the results, press keep to move on. Next, we’re going to look at adding elements to the image or replacing different parts. For example, let’s change the jacket this woman is wearing. First, select the entire jacket using the brush. Make sure that when you paint, you paint all over the object that you want to change, replace or remove. If you remove a bit that you don’t want to include, select the subtract icon to restore parts of the image. You can also use these settings to change the size of the brush and the opacity. Once you’re ready, input a prompt in the text box and let Firefly do its magic. We now have three options to choose from. I quite like this option, so I’m going to stick to this one. Finally, you can also add other elements to the image. So for example, if I wanted her to wear a baseball cap, I would select this part of the image and type in a prompt. If I’m not happy with the results, I can generate more options. Once you’re ready with this image, download it or do more editing in Adobe Express.