Creating an end-of-year video

Learn how to create an inspiring end-of-year video to recap all that happened over the past year, share milestones with customers, and relive fun team events. In this tutorial, you add a background, text animation, and footage to a video. The use of transitions make the video smoother and the outro makes a nice finish. You also have the option to download the final video and use captions for better accessibility.

In this demonstration, we’re going to create an end of year video. I’m going to be using a lot of my own video. So I’m just going to go to the big blue button on the top left press video and then it will open up in a standard video aspect ratio of 1920 by 1080.
I’m going to go to templates and filter by video templates. To help me create an interesting intro.
I like the look of this one, so I’ll double click it and I will open up in my project timeline.
And then just going to change the text to end of year review. And because this is a template, all of the animations are already built in when creating this type of video. I’d always recommend that you record the voice over beforehand so that you know what videos you’ll need to correspond to the message being told in the voiceover. As you can see on screen, I just drag my voice over that I’ve prerecorded onto the timeline. In this first section, I just want to animate some text onto the screen. But I’ll need a background first. So I search for it in stock and drag it on.
I then insert some of the key words that are being said in the voiceover, establish the composition, and then I add some simple animation to make them pop in the next section of the talk track. We are mentioning some of the amazing projects that the team worked on throughout the year, so this would be a good place to insert some footage of your own. But if you don’t have any footage, you can just jump into stock and grab something generic.
I had a couple of more videos, again corresponding to the message being given through the talk track.
At this stage we have what is known as a rough cut, so all of our clips that we’re going to use are aligned along the timeline.
Now it’s time to add some transitions to make the video a bit smoother.
I had a couple of more clips and now I’m just going to duplicate my intro and make it an outro.
I’ll try to duplication just to the end of the timeline and then go ahead and change the wording, thanking everyone for their contributions this year and wish them luck for 2024.
Once we finish our video, we can download it and then use in a quick action. We can caption the video. Just drag your video from your desktop and express will automatically transcribe the video and create captions for you.
We have a number of different presets from which we can choose from, and we can also change the color of the shape and the text within that preset too the captions aren’t always going to be perfect. You can edit any of the text in the text box in the top right hand corner.