Generative Recolor in Illustrator

Learn how to use Generative Recolor, powered by Adobe Firefly, in Adobe Illustrator to quickly help recolor vector images for custom hotel tea boxes.

Learn how Adobe Illustrator can help easily recolor vector graphics quickly using Adobe Firefly. In this example, we’re working with Savoy Resorts, a travel and hospitality company, who needs to design the packaging for tea as part of their vacation resorts. When I zoom in, you can see that there are a number of vector elements that make up this design, with multiple colors and shades. Selecting each of these different vector elements can be tedious, particularly if you are trying to iterate and prototype different color shades. Fortunately, there is an easier way. When I select our item, in the Properties panel, you can see Recolor. Recolor is a tool that helps you change the colors easily. But what Regenitive Recolor does, powered by Adobe Firefly, it allows you to change the color based on a text prompt. For this example, I want to have color themes that remind people of black tea, so I can enter black tea as our prompt. Firefly gives us a number of variations to select and preview. This color seems to match most closely to the style I’m looking for. And notice how it not only changes one color, but all the different elements, saving me a huge amount of time. Now let’s go ahead and color the other tea boxes. Green tea is relaxing, so as part of our prompt, we can also describe the abstract concept we’re trying to emote. For example, we can type green tea and relaxation. There are several variations to choose from. And this one looks like a good color for the green tea. And then finally, for the red specialty, I want to communicate the color that reflects the ingredients, which is a mix of raspberries and strawberries. Here you can see that there is a number of different results. However, as I look at the results, I want to refine them a little bit more. I can also choose colors that must be included, which can help inform the variations that are generated. In this case, I’m going to go ahead and choose a red color that is part of our palette here. And when I select generate, I can see that all of the new variations now include that color in the variations. Generative Recolor in Illustrator, powered by Adobe Firefly, helps accelerate recoloring vector designs, allowing you to iterate faster without the tedious task of selecting all the elements that need to be recolored.