Sharing branding assets with Creative Cloud Libraries for teams

Learn how to create, use, and share branding assets for your group or team using Creative Cloud Libraries for teams. Assets in Creative Cloud Libraries for teams are stored in a central location and are not tied to the individual user account. You can identify team libraries by the building image icon.

Use Creative Cloud Libraries for teams anytime your organization must retain ownership of creative assets. Some examples include: corporate style guide, shared projects, and UI design elements.
Let’s take a tour of Creative Cloud Libraries for teams. Here in Adobe Illustrator, I have some brand assets that I’d like to share with my team. Creative Cloud for enterprise, as well as Creative Cloud for teams, members can create, use, and share two types of libraries: individual libraries and now team libraries. I’ll start in Illustrator by choosing Window and Libraries. In some Creative Cloud applications, you may see this under Window CC Libraries. You’ll see that I have three libraries. If I pause over the local library, the icon to the far right indicates it’s a team library belonging to Anne Marie’s design company. If I move down, I’ll see that this SecureFinancial library is a shared library. I own it, but I’ve shared it with others. The library called Your Library is simply local to me. Let’s start by creating a new library. When I click the Create new library button, I have the option now to create in a team. Team libraries belong to the organization. They’re stored in a centralized location. And if an employee leaves, the assets and libraries still belong to the company. I’ll name this library Altura Tech and create it in team, and click Create. I’ll start by adding brand colors. I’ll click the plus to add the fill color, go to the next, add the fill color. Now, I’ll add my logos. I’ll start with these circular ones first.
This time, I’ll choose add a Graphic.
Through the magic of recording, I’ve added all my colors and all of my logos.
Now, I’ll go through and name them, give them something meaningful for my team.
They all have meaningful names now. Next, I’m going to create paragraph styles. So I’ll select this text.
This one is the title, and I’ll add Heading 1 and Heading 2.
Then finally, the body style. Let’s dock libraries over here for now, and I’m going to jump to Photoshop and place an asset for my library. Before I finish up, I’m going to hit the Auto-generate groups for me button. This separates it into colors, typography, vector graphics. And if I had images and more, they would show up. You could store audio and video. Here in Photoshop, I’m going to open up my Fitness Tracker app screen. I’m going to go to Window and choose Libraries. I’ll dock my library to the right. Here is Altura Tech teams library. I’ll scroll down, find the asset that I need, and drag and drop it into my Photoshop document. I’ll scale it up a bit, I’ll center it, and I’ll save this document to place into my 3D model. In Adobe Dimension, I’ve got this app screen, and I want to place the updated graphic here on the front.
There’s my updated image.
In InDesign, this is where I’ll see Window CC Libraries. I’ll go back and choose my Altura Tech library, I’ll dock this to the right, I’ll scroll down, and this is the first asset I’d like to place, so I’ll drag and drop, click once to pop it into that frame, come down to locate my white rectangular shape logo, drag and drop that, click once to place.
Now, I’m ready to place in my XD mobile mockup. On the nav bar, which is this section, go back to library, choose Altura Tech, scroll down to find my logo. This is the one I’d like, drag and drop it, move it into position. Back in Illustrator, I’ve just been told someone on my team has a design change to one of the logos that we’ve used in both XD and InDesign. It happens to be this Altura Technology, but this is just a branding reference page. What I’m going to do is actually edit the asset that’s stored on the cloud or in your team library by double clicking it. So when I double click here, I can hit the pencil icon to open the source document. All other Creative Cloud applications use this source document. So we’re going to mix up the colors a bit. Technology will now be green, Altura will now be gray, and the symbol at the top will now be blue. When I save and close this document, I’ll pop back over to InDesign to see if that’s updated. There it is, blue. I’ll hop over to Adobe XD and that should update as well. You’ve just seen how design elements are synchronized across all users. Creative Cloud Libraries for teams are ideal for a corporate style guide, giving all team members approved brand assets, including colors, styles, logos, audio, video, and imagery. Is your company taking advantage of the powerful Creative Cloud Libraries for teams? -