How to and why lock layers

Learn why it’s important to lock various elements of your template so they can’t be changed. Certain elements, like logos, should not be changed, so they can be locked before sharing your template.

We’ve looked at templates in previous modules, but now we’re going to look at how to make them and share them. An important part of sharing effective templates is locking certain elements of that template so that they can’t be changed. For example, the ice cream image, the logo and the title can all be locked just by pressing the lock icon on the top left hand corner. This means that they can’t be changed.
We can leave layers that are unlocked for other teams to augment that content, making it fit for their exact purpose. If there is a locked element that really needs to be changed, we can come to the top left corner of the selection box around that element and unlock it and make that change.

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