Creating a promo visual for an online learning course

Learn how to create an engaging visuals for an online learning course. Start by remixing one of the thousands of professionally designed templates. Next, add a photo and use editing techniques to blend it into the composition before resizing and delivering the final visuals.

So right off the bat, I’m going to jump into the search bar at the top and type in learning course. I’m doing this because as a result I get many different templates, visuals, videos that are appropriate for promoting an online learning course. Maybe I’ve never made one before and I don’t know what’s typical.
By using the search bar, we get all of these results and all of these assets for us to choose which one to start our promo visual with. So maybe we start with a template. Maybe we start with a video or a nice background.
For this example, I see a nice template that I think I can remix.
The first action I need to take is to replace the text with text that is appropriate to the online course that I’m promoting. The template made it really easy for me to do this because the funds, the font sizes were all correct. Then I can just change the composition a bit to leave me a room to add an image below.
I’ve added this photo of a woman and use the removed background tool to remove the background.
I’m going to use the cropped tool to create a round edge just around her waist.
This is a nice trick for these half body images to help your subject blend into the scene. I’ve tidied up the composition and now it’s time to resize. I’ve selected these sized are boards, and now I need to adjust some of the elements to help them fit the canvas. Now I have promo visuals in multiple aspect ratios. Ready for delivery.