Create digital screen announcements for the office

Learn how to create engaging digital screen announcements for the office. Using text-to-template, powered by Adobe Firefly, you can generate a personalized image with space for text copy. Generative Fill and animations are added to make the announcement more appealing.

In this video, we are going to look at how we can use Adobe Express to create plasma screen announcements around the office. There are several ways that you can do this. First of all, you can go to the video tab from the Adobe Express homepage and choose the standard size of ten ATP to start designing your screen from scratch. You can also choose to create a still image if you fancy, but those tend to be less engaging. You may also decide to start from a preset template or one your design department has pre-built for you. There are several templates you can choose from, as you can see here. Alternatively, which is the approach we’re looking at today is using Gen AI specifically using text to template. We can use the text box to type in a prompt. For example, an announcement that a bake sale happening on the 19th of July in the foyer encouraging people to come and do things. Adobe Express is now generating a design for us. However, the size isn’t going to be correct, but we will be able to edit this at a later stage. The great thing about using an express text to template, is that not only does it create the design, but it also creates some copy for us. In this instance, since we need a landscape format to fit our screen best to something like a Facebook post, this way, Express will generate a design with elements working in a landscape format. Making the changes we will make later easier. Once the results are generated, choose the design you like and click this button to open it up as a project. The first thing you’ll need to do is check the size to make sure that it fits the screen. The content is going to be displayed on. As I can see here, this is not correct. So let’s see if there is some preset screen size that we can use this 1920 by 1080 fits the bill. However, you can always input specific sizes here. Now we can start making some changes to our design. For example, this headline is not on brand. Therefore, we should change the font. If you have a brand kit set up on brand, fonts are readily accessible here. Let us make some more changes.
We are nearly ready with this, but how about we add some more elements to the left side of the image to achieve this Select your image and choose Gen Fill to add elements such as cakes and cupcakes. Using the prompting TextBox.
With my design nearly complete. We should add some animations to make the screen more engaging. Let’s start by selecting the image first and choosing an animation style that suits our content. It’s recommended you review the enablement videos around animation in Adobe Express to familiarize yourself with how to properly animate content on the platform. In those videos, we cover several workflows such as how to apply and stagger Animations extend the overall timeline, add scenes and so forth. We’ve just jumped ahead to our finalized plasma screen announcement. As you can see, animation helps in making it truly engaging. Lastly, let’s download our assets using the recommended file format, which is MP for in this case. Save it to our local drive, ready to be used on screens around the office and get people excited about our bake sale.