Auto archive files in SharePoint with Power Automate

Learn how to automatically archive signed documents to a SharePoint library using Power Automate.

Hi, I’m Serge St. Felix, and today I’ll show you how you can use external archives in Adobe Acrobat Sign. So let’s get started.
If you’re interested in sending a copy of all of your signed agreements into a cloud repository or forwarding it to an email address, Acrobat Sign gives you this option. When you’re logged into Acrobat Sign simply go to the account section. Then under account settings you want to go to external archive.
Here you can send an extra copy of all of your sign agreements to an email address or you can add it to one of these cloud repositories such as Box or Evernote.
What I’m doing right now is I’m sending an extra copy to this particular email address and I’m going to take it a step further. I would actually like to have these agreements go to a SharePoint library. So what I’ve done is I’ve actually built a Power Automate flow.
I’ve labeled this external archive, and so as I go into this flow here are the things that are happening. This first action is just waiting for an email to arrive.
Once this email arrives, if it has an attachment I’m grabbing those attachments and I’m going to create a new file so it could go to a particular site, SharePoint address, and a folder. Here I’ve set up a folder on my SharePoint site called External Archive. Oh, Acrobat Sign Agreements. And I’m taking the name of the attachment and the actual item, and it’s being placed in this folder. So if I go to this particular folder on my SharePoint site, here I have the actual agreement.
Now, let’s say, for example, I have several groups within my account, and I want those groups to be able to send their attachments to their own SharePoint sites. Well, Power Automate allows this to happen as well. What’s nice is that this flow’s already built. Simply just go back to Power Automate and go to templates, and let’s go ahead and type in Acrobat Sign.
And here we have Save an Adobe Sign completed agreement to SharePoint library. So what this will do is this will automatically authenticate you if you’ve already set this up in your data connections to your sign account and your SharePoint.
Simply click continue. And then here you have the option to select an actual group to send your agreements in. So again, if you have a particular group or several groups where you want to send agreements into their own folders, you can do this with Power Automate.
I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching. -