Creating a web form

Learn how to create a document that can be signed electronically directly on your website. You can create a hosted hyperlink to your form or use the link to embed on your website in html or JavaScript.

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Learn how to post a form on your website so customers and visitors can easily fill in and sign it online. We’re going to turn this agreement into a web form that can be filled and signed completely online without the hassle of printing, mailing, or waiting in line. To start, select Publish a Web Form from the home page. You’ll give your form a name and the participants a role. In this case, the individuals filling out this form are just signers, so I’ll go ahead and select the Signer role. Now I’ll need to add another participant because the manager needs to sign this agreement as well. I’ll also add instructions for the first participant to include their manager’s email, so they know exactly what has to be done. You can also choose to add an additional person to notify by adding a CC. Then you’ll upload the actual document, which can be in a variety of different formats including PDF and Microsoft Word. Now before hitting Next, be sure to click Preview and Add Signature fields. This brings you into the authoring environment, where the form fields are automatically detected. To place them on the document, click this button in the upper left-hand corner. Once they’re placed on a document, you’ll need to double-check the fields. Any fields that are missing, you can simply drag and drop them onto the page from the right-hand side. I need to add a couple of radio buttons here. And then down at the bottom, I need to change the participant for the manager’s signature. Instead of participant 1, it should be 2. And the same thing is true of the date field here. I’ll go ahead and select the second participant. And once you’re done, click Save. Next, you want to share the document link. You can copy the web form URL at the top, or you can copy the embed code to embed the entire form into your website. The link or embed code will give you a hosted version of the form that anyone can fill and sign the document completely online. Let’s go ahead and take a look at this. This is what the hosted version of the form will look like. Anyone visiting the website just clicks on the link and follows the yellow tab. This will guide them to exactly where they need to fill out the document and to sign. They can type or draw their signature. The form can be filled out on the desktop or mobile web browser. No special app is required. Next, the first participant is prompted to enter the name and email address of their manager. When they click Next, they need to confirm their own email. At this point, there’s just one more step for the first participant. They need to validate their identity so you always know you’re getting unauthenticated information. Once this is complete, each recipient also gets their own signed copy of the agreement, including anyone that was CC’d on the original form. Now back in Acrobat Sign, you can view and track each submission under the Manage tab. In the left rail, just select Web Forms. Select on the web form that you want to look at, and you can see who has completed the form. You can also download completed forms or download form data in CSV comma separated value format. Web Forms make it really easy for everyone to submit the necessary paperwork your organization needs to move forward in Acrobat Sign.
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