Reemployment assistance

Help citizens get the help they need without standing in line with all-digital application forms that can go live in days. Learn how to create an online web form that can be completed and signed without printing or mailing anything.

Hi, my name is Lori DeFurio and I’ll be spending the next few minutes reviewing how to set up a web form in Adobe Sign. Before I jump into the recipe, I want to review the apps & services I used. Adobe Sign Enterprise is required. If you don’t have access check with your IT admin or contact your Adobe Customer Success Manager. Your Adobe Sign account will need to be configured to allow you or your Sign users access to Web Forms. Select Account tab, Account Settings, Global Settings, and then select ‘Allow the use of Web Forms’. The example is a reemployment assistance application form. We’ve added all the form fields using Adobe Acrobat. I’d like to point out that this form, has areas for the recipient to fill out, as well as there’s an area for office use only. I’ll show you a little bit later how we tag it correctly so that the user can only fill out what they’re suppose to and then the office admin can do their part. Starting at, I’ll click on Request Signatures, which brings me to Adobe Sign. And I’ll select Publish a web form. I’ll add the web form name. Then since the form has information for the signer, but additional fields for the office admin to process, we’ll add a counter-signer - this doesn’t require a 2nd signature. just assign this person the form filler role, and add the email address. I’ll select the PDF form template. Select Preview & Add Signatures Fields and then click Next. And your form is loaded into Adobe Sign. - Since we added the form fields in Acrobat DC, all the fields are already in place here. Text fields, radio buttons, and the Signature, Date, and Email fields. Just click Save and your web form is created. Now you’ll want to copy the URL to post on a web page or you can use the embed code as well. And when the user is filling out the web form, they can only have access to the highlighted fields. They can’t enter information in the gray area on the right. Now let’s look at managing your web form. Click on Manage tab. When you select it, all the actions are available on the right. In the Agreement section, I can see that 2 people have submitted the agreements. When I select the “2”, I can see the submissions. When you go back to your web form, you can select Download Form Field Data, and you’ll have a CSV file with all the information needed. And that’s it! I hope this quick overview helps you understand how to implement a web form in Adobe Sign. Take care and be safe. -

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