Getting a signature in person

Learn how to get someone else’s signature in person using the Acrobat Sign mobile app.

Hi, I’m Serge St. Felix, and today I’ll show you how you can get a signature in person within Acrobat Sign. So let’s get started.
So here I am on my mobile device, and I’m going to go ahead and launch the sign app. This gives me the opportunity to get signatures in person. So we’ll start that process. Now, to quickly illustrate, in order to get my documents, I have a few options. I can get the document from my library or on this device, I have some cloud options or maybe my photo library, or if I have the agreement in front of me, I can scan that in.
Rather, I’m going to use my document library and I’ll grab the document that I already have prepared. Next thing I’ll do is I’ll add the signers. The first signer will be the person that I want to get a signature in person. So I can easily use my contacts and add that individual’s email address. If I want additional signers, I can add that as well.
And so now that I have the agreement ready, on the top right corner, I’ll go ahead and click on Sign. And what Acrobat Sign will do is it’ll prepare their agreement just to confirm that I have the signature field prepared.
So here I can confirm on my NDA document that I have my signature fields. Looks like they’re ready. I’ll go ahead and click on Send. At this point, this is where Acrobat Sign will prepare the agreement and give me a prompt to send the device or to pass the device to the person who needs to sign in person. So I’ll go ahead and click OK. I’ll send the device over to the individual, and by proceeding, they are affirming that this is who they are as they look at the email address. And so in this case, it says, “I am stacy@alturabrand,” they can click OK, and they can proceed with the signing ceremony. So here they’ll tap to sign, and we’ll add the individual’s full name and then they’re done, and they click on Finish Signing. At this point, the signing process is done for the person who needs to sign in person. As you can see, I now have an agreement that’s waiting for me. So I’ll take the device back and I’ll go ahead and click on the agreements that I need to sign.
And here it is. And so if I’m ready to sign, on the bottom right corner, you’ll see a pen icon. We’ll go ahead and click on that and that’ll start the signing process for me. And all I need to do is click to sign. It already has my signature. I’ll go ahead and click Finish Signing. And that’s all there is to it.
So I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching. -