Liquid Mode in Acrobat Sign

Learn how Liquid Mode improves the mobile signing experience. No more pinching and zooming while trying to read and sign documents. This tutorial explains how you can send an HTML form out for signature, and automatically create an enhanced signing experience for mobile users.

When signing on mobile devices, tablets, or other small screens, the recipients would need to pinch, zoom, scan, and pan across a document. They will not be able to track which document sections of fields and the overall reading experience is hard, not to mention inaccessible to some.
Let’s see how Adobe team is making it possible to sign documents on mobile devices through lens of Sam. Sam is a candidate interviewing for a projective consulting company and has received a verbal offer.
Jeremy is a talent partner at projective consulting. He’s tracking Sam inside of Workday where he’s able to see the status of his candidates and wants to move forward with their candidacy and send her an offer letter. He sends her an offer letter using Adobe Sign and he can track the status of whether Sam has signed in real time. Let’s have a look at what this experience looks like for Sam. Sam clicks on an email notification where the link turns up a mobile-optimized view in her web browser. She doesn’t need to have any app on her phone to sign. She can view this offer letter on her phone using the new liquid mode in Adobe Sign, which makes for a responsive, unique experience. She can easily scroll through the document, collapse sections, and even easily navigate the document using outline view. Much easier than reading a PDF on a phone and having to pinch and zoom. Once she’s ready, she can go ahead and click on the start button, which brings her to the required fields she needs to fill out. She fills in the last four digits of her social security number and selects her start date.
Once she fills everything she can tap to sign, to easily draw or type her signature. Once she’s done filling out the form, she can tap on review agreement to see the PDF view of this offer letter. Notice that all of the fields we can just click on finish and sign. And Sam is good to go now. -