Creating a document template

Learn how to create a reusable document template and add it to your Acrobat Sign library for future use. Document Templates provide speed and consistency in your sign transactions and the ability to manage document revisions and changes.

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a reusable document template and add it to our Adobe Sign Library for future use. A template can include form fields and signature fields, and you can share this template with others on your team so they can access and use the file in their signature transactions as well. This means speed, as well as consistency across your team. Start from your home screen and click on Create a reusable template. Give your template a name, and add the file you want to base your template on. You could add multiple documents to your template if you want, but for now let’s just start with one. Under Template Type, you can choose between creating a reusable document, or just a reusable form field layer, or both. Since I’m creating a template for a document I frequently send out for signature, I’ll leave that first option selected. As for who can use the template, I’ll choose any user in my group so that others on my team can also access this document. Please note that if you share a template with other users, they’ll be able to use it and send it for signature, but they won’t be able to edit or delete it. Now I’ll click Preview and Add Fields. Once I’m in the authoring environment, I can add all the necessary fields to my form. The best part about creating a template is that I know I’ll only have to do this once, and then I can reuse this fillable form as many times as I need to without going through this process again.
When I’m done placing fields on the template, I can click Save. And that’s it! The document is now saved in my library. You can find it anytime you need it by clicking on the home screen and then choosing Start from Library.
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