Custom workflow for education IEP process

Learn how the Custom Workflow Designer is used to digitize an Individualized Education Program (IEP) process for a K-12 school. IEPs are written education plans designed to meet a student’s needs and require signatures from multiple IEP team members.

Learn how you can digitize individualized education program or IEP processes for school. IEPs are written education plans designed to meet a student’s learning needs and require signatures from multiple IEP team members. We’ll start by showing how simple it is to send an existing IEP that has been updated out for signature. Then we’ll walk through using a custom IEP workflow. And finally at the end we’ll show how the workflow is created. Meca Bowen, a counselor at Elchura High, works with her team to create and implement IEPs for her students. These plans create an opportunity for Megan and her team to work together to improve educational results of each individual student. Using Acrobat Sign, they quickly and securely send and sign IEP documents from anywhere on any device. Megan has an IEP plan in place for a current student and the team has made a small update to the plan. Megan and her team members have already signed the IEP, but the student’s parents still need to approve this update by signing the updated plan. After entering the parent’s email addresses, Megan adds the needed files from her Google Drive. You can also access files from numerous other storage locations. Next, Megan adds the needed fields to the document. We’ll simply add a date from the right-hand pane. And then three more signature fields. And notice how the fields associated with each signer is color-coded. Megan easily sends this document for signature, just like email. Elchura High School has a workflow in place for IEP plan signatures. This is a more advanced feature of Acrobat Sign, but for IEPs this is a perfect solution for Megan and her team. Megan has created a new IEP plan for another student, Milo. To start the process for Milo, Megan adds the student’s plan from her library using the IEP signature request workflow. The workflow will guide Megan through the process, eliminating the stress of chasing down signature and ensuring that all necessary parties are included in the request for signatures. First, Megan adds all the IEP team members’ email addresses. And again, Megan adds the needed files from her Google Drive. Now everyone has what they need to confidently sign and approve Milo’s IEP plan. She needs to sign the plan first, which is quick and easy. You can type your signature, use a touch-enabled device to draw it, or even use your camera phone, or upload an image. Finalizing the process requires only a click. With Acrobat Sign seamlessly integrated into Altura High’s processes, Megan and her team have a solution for sending, tracking, and managing electronic signatures. Under the Manage tab, she can check the status of the agreements already sent. IEPs typically need to be signed within 30 days. So if needed, Megan can send reminders to signers that still need to sign. Once an agreement is signed, it is certified by Adobe and tamper-proof. Every agreement in Acrobat Sign passes through a series of event milestones, which creates an audit report. This audit report provides a summary of where the transaction is in the end-to-end process. Along with the summary, the audit report also provides the IP address of the system recording event and the transaction ID of the authoritative document in the Acrobat Sign server. Megan can download the signed documents, and if required, the documents can be further digitally processed into any backend system using Power Automate. Using Workflow Designer in Acrobat Sign, Altura High has a workflow in place for collecting IEP plan signatures. Workflow Templates pre-define the agreement composition and signing processes. These pre-defined steps are on the left. First, you define basic info like the workflow name and instructions. Next, the agreement info. And then the recipient’s routing order is defined. In this example, the counselor receives the agreement first, and then the teachers and parents receive the IEP simultaneously for signature, followed by the principal. Next, you can set when email notifications are sent out, and then you specify what documents are used in the process. You can also set input fields that might need to be filled out prior to sending for signature, but this workflow doesn’t have any. Acrobat Sign delivers a smooth, modern experience to students, faculty, parents, employees, alumni, and more, all while enjoying top security and complying to the strictest global requirements.