Set deadlines and reminders

Learn how to send regular email reminders and deadlines to help get your documents signed quickly.

Enterprise and business plans can selectively expose the Reminder option during the sending process or enable account/group-wide automation.
Hello all. In this video, I’ll show you how to set and send regular email reminders to recipients that are expected to currently interact with your agreements and how to set document expiration dates within Acrobat Sign. So let’s begin. To keep businesses flowing steadily forward, an account admin has the ability to set reminders and alert recipients that they have a document waiting for them to review and sign. And a reminder is just an email that the recipient gets in their inbox, and you can set options to determine how often these reminders are set out. To set these reminders, go into your account tab and go to your send tab and just scroll down to reminders. So here you can allow senders to set reminders when they send out an agreement. You can also set a default time for these reminders to be sent to recipients. For example, you can remind them every day. You can remind them every week, every business day, every other day, every third day, and every fifth day. Basically, you can keep pushing until they complete their part in that signing ceremony. And you can also leave them an encouraging note if you want to. Now with this box selected, these reminders will go out automatically until each signing ceremony is complete. And this will be an account setting. If you want the senders of agreements to be able to dictate this time frame as they send out their specific agreements, then you can leave this box unchecked. So rather than this being a global setting, each sender will be able to set a reminder that’s appropriate to their specific agreements desired completion time frame. And they’ll do that here in the send tab. So now as a sender is sending an agreement, they’ll have the option to come over here and set reminders for this agreement. So they’ll say the same options that they have in the global settings every day, every week, every business day, every other third and fifth day.
The difference here is that these reminders are going to be specific to this agreement. You can also set reminders from your manage tab. So if you have agreements that are in progress, you can click on that agreement name. And over here in the right panel, you’ll see the remind icon. So select it, and then you can set that same type of frequency for when you want these to be set out. So daily until completed, and so on, just like your global global settings. You can also use the calendar and then set a calendar date as a reminder, or you can choose right now. And so you know, you want to get things moving along right now. You can also determine who in the signing ceremony that you want to receive those reminders. And then once again, you can include a personal message. So you do have a few options to set your reminders within Acrobat Sign. An account administrator can also enable document expirations by going to the account tab, once again, going to the send settings, and then scrolling down and seeing the document expirations. So here, you have the options to allow senders to set or modify expiration settings per document. You can enable the ability to change expiration settings after that document has been sent. You can limit the number of days that signers will be able to sign the document. You’ll have the option to have internal signers be affected by the expiration deadline. And you’ll be able to include expiration information in emails sent to the signers. Another option to set expiration dates is once again in the send tab. So when I’m sending an agreement, you can come over here and I can set my completion deadline, I can specify the number of days. And after that number of days, then that agreement is going to expire. Yet another option is to go to your manage tab. And once again, select an agreement that you have in progress. And then you can add an expiration date by clicking on your pencil icon here and just use your calendar to set that date.
Okay, so to recap, account admins have options to enable account wide automation to set reminders and document expiration dates. They also have options to allow each sender to set reminders and document expiration dates that are specific to their agreements. And all of these options are designed in Acrobat Sign to keep your business always moving forward. Thanks for watching.