Modify an existing web form

Learn how to disable, edit, and re-enable an existing web form. When you disable a web form, you can redirect the URL or create a custom message for end-users.

To edit and maintain existing web forms, the process is as easy as returning to the Manage page and then locating the web form that we want to change. At the very top, you’ll see that the status is listed here as active and to disable this web form it’s as easy as selecting disable, which we might disable it for a number of reasons. We might disable the web form if we need to make slight changes to it and make sure that anyone that has access to the web forms URL isn’t able to interact with the document as it currently is. We might also disable this web form if it has served its purpose and we no longer need to use it. So let’s go in and let’s select disable to show you what happens here. Immediately you’ll see you have the options to redirect the signers to another webpage. Again, just in case they have that URL. Then it specifies here the format that we should use. We also have the ability to select the option for signers to see a custom message when trying to access the disabled web form, which I’ll type in a message here that says, this web form is no longer available, and then we’ll select Disable. So what does that look like on the signer’s end if they happen to access the URL when disabled? You can see here in my other window that the signer will simply see the message that we just defined moments ago. All right, so let’s return back now to our web form and let’s say that while it’s disabled we need to make some changes to it. If we were to do that, we would simply come over to Actions here and select Edit Web Form. What that will do for us is it will allow us to come over to this Edit View that lets us know immediately that the changes that we apply to this web form will be applied to its original URL. So what can we edit here? Well, we can change the name of the web form and while we can’t change the participant workflow, we do have the ability here to completely remove this form if necessary, add additional files or we can select Next, which will navigate us back to the authoring environment where we can make the needed changes to the documents form fields. Once we’ve gone in and have made the necessary changes to the web form, we’re now ready to return to the Manage page to re-enable, which is as easy as selecting Enable. Returning to the web forms URL that we have opened in our webpage here we can see that we’re no longer getting that message and can now begin interacting with this form once again. -