Create a simple workflow with Power Automate

Learn how non-technical members of your organization can create simple workflows that connect to other systems using the pre-built Microsoft Power Automate connectors that are included free with Acrobat Sign. These automated document workflows help drive speed and efficiency for common processes, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, and minimize errors and rework.

You can automate repetitive tasks and connect to other systems without any coding using the prebuilt Microsoft Power Automate connectors that are included with Acrobat Sign. To start with select, create a reusable workflow, and then select workflow automation. There are predefined templates that are grouped by type, including file organization, notifications, agreement generation and start from scratch. Let’s use one of the most popular templates “Save Adobe Acrobat signed completed documents to SharePoint”. At this point, the flow name can be customized and the list of connectors needed for the flow to successfully run can be viewed. Credentials for the available connectors can be added or changed if needed as well. Select the SharePoint site where the completed documents will be saved and then select the folder path where all the saved documents are stored and then once the flow is created. Flow details like run history and connection references can be viewed. All signed documents are stored in Acrobat Sign as well as the SharePoint folder specified by this flow. Workflow Automation integrated with Microsoft Power Automate enables anyone without coding experience to set up automated and customize e-signature workflows. They can even connect to other systems in minutes.