Send for signature in Outlook

Learn how to streamline document workflows by sending a document for signature directly within Microsoft Outlook.

You don’t have to leave your inbox to send a document for signature. Just use the send for signature button in Outlook’s toolbar. If you’ve never done this before, you may be asked to sign in and allow Acrobat Sign Access. Now that you’re ready to go. Acrobat Sign will automatically queue up the selected emails attachment and the send for signature pane. You can also add other files or remove documents from the send list. Enter the email address of the person who needs to sign the document. In this case, Acrobat Sign recognizes the person we’re sending this to because we sent this person files before to preview the document before sending. Check the box marked preview and send clicking. More options here will bring you to the full send for signature interface. So if you need to add password protection or deadlines, or if you would like to choose a specific authentication method other than the default email address option, this link is for you. If you’re ready to send the document now, click continue. Your document will be uploaded to Adobe Sign for previewing and adding form fields. If the document doesn’t already have active form fields, just drag and drop them from the right hand pane. When you have all the fields placed on the form, you’re ready to send the document back in Outlook. You can check on the agreement status at any time.
This video is part of the course Using Acrobat Sign Inside Microsoft Apps that is available for free on Experience League!