Using the approver role

Learn how to send a document through an approval process. In this example, see how to send a hiring contract through HR, a potential employee, and the hiring manager. The approver role works well for situations where someone needs to “okay” a document before it’s sent off to the signer.

So to demonstrate approvals, I’m going to go through a very simple workflow using a hiring contract, which goes to a manager for approval, then to the candidate for signature, and then back to an internal HR consultant for final sign-off.
So I’m starting on the send page, and first I want the contract to be approved. So I type the approver’s email address, click this down arrow and choose approver. Next I’m entering the candidate’s email address.
And finally the email for the final signature and sign-off. Next, I enter a name for the document.
I’m going to upload the contract and I’m going to check this box, so that I can drag fields onto the document in the next screen. Then I click next. So now I’m in the drag and drop authoring environment. And the first thing I want to do before I add any fields is click the select participant dropdown, and choose the candidate’s email, so that I can add fields for her to complete. I’m going to add a signer name field and also a signature field.
Next, I click this down arrow again and choose the HR consultant’s email address and add the fields for her. Now, an important note is that an approver can interact with the document in all the same ways that a signer can. So if you have a document that you also want the approver to sign or to complete any fields, you just need to add those fields for the approver. So in this example, I’m going to have the approver initial the document, and to do this, I just click the select participant dropdown again, choose the approver’s email, and then drag the initial field onto the document.
So now the document is ready to send, and I click the send button.
So the contract goes to the approver first. So let’s take a look at what he sees. He gets an email just like this in his inbox, and he follows the normal steps that a signer would, clicks on the link. Then he can review the document and now he has a couple of options available to him. So let’s take a look at these. Up here in the top left, he can choose to pass the approval of the document to another party. Or if, for example, there’s an error in the document, he can decline to approve the document by clicking on this link. So in this example, everything looks good. So first he’s going to add his initials here by clicking on this box, and then he can go ahead and approve the document. So now the document goes to the candidate for signature, and the candidate will receive an email and she’ll go through the usual steps to complete and sign the document.
And finally, the document goes onto the last stage of this workflow, which is the internal HR consultant, who will complete the final signature required on the contract. -
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