Creating and managing groups

Learn how to create groups, add users to groups, and edit group settings. Groups allow you to have separate subsets of users that have access to different Library Documents, and different settings (such as logos and CC’d parties).

Groups are only available for business- and enterprise-level plans.
In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create groups, add users to groups, and edit group settings. To access these settings, from the Account tab, click on Groups. And we already have a number of groups set up here, such as Purchasing, Legal, and so on. And now I’m going to create a group for human resources. I click on the plus icon, type a name and then click on Save.
So now we need to add users to this group. And there are a number of different options. I can add new users directly by selecting the group, then clicking on Group Settings. Then Users in Group, and then clicking on the plus icon and entering their information and clicking Save.
And remember that any time you create a new user, an email is sent to that user to register their account before they’ll become an active user in the group. You can also assign existing users to the group by clicking the Assign Users to this Group icon. Click on the user. And then click Assign.
Another way to add a user to a group is back in the Users listing by editing individual user settings. Select a user and then on the dropdown, select the user group. Then click Save.
You can also assign users to groups when you first create them by choosing the group you want from this dropdown.
Now let’s look at how to create a group administrator. In the users listing, select the user you want to be an administrator. And then check this box here, user is a group administrator. And now that user has administrator privileges for that group and can add users and edit settings. One of the benefits of groups is that you can customize account settings specifically for that group. Just click on the group, click Group Settings, and then check the override account settings for this page checkbox. Then make any specific adjustments for that group.
Click Save when you’re done.
And you can do this for any of the account settings listed here. -