Send for signature in SharePoint Online

Learn how to streamline document workflows by sending a document for signature directly within Microsoft Sharepoint Online.

Using the Adobe Sign tools in SharePoint is the simplest way to get your stored documents signed.
To request a signature on one of the documents you have stored in SharePoint, you can use the documents particular action menu or select the document to use the Adobe Sign tools in the top toolbar.
Select send for signature to get started. The document will be uploaded to Adobe Sign and if you’ve used the service before you’ll recognize the standard send for signature window. In this case, the experience is couched within SharePoint.
All you need to do is enter the email address of the person who will be signing the document.
As always, you can add a private message to the signer and select the best authentication method for your purposes.
You can also decide if this document needs additional security, a deadline, or an automatic reminder if the document has not been signed within a certain window.
You can edit the subject and body of the email message and then tick the box to preview the form before sending.
Then click next. Adobe Sign will process the file and if there are tagged or fillable form fields in the document, they will automatically be converted for use with Adobe Sign.
If you need to make any changes, you can edit or delete a form field and drag and drop additional fields onto the form from the right hand pane.
When the form is ready to send for signature, just click send, and that’s it. You can go right back to SharePoint in this window. -
This video is part of the course Using Acrobat Sign Inside Microsoft Apps that is available for free on Experience League!