Set up online payments

Learn how to set up and accept online payments in your documents. The Online Payment service in Acrobat Sign integrates Braintree as a payment gateway tied to the signature process.

Hi, I’m Serge St Felix, and today I’ll show you how you can accept payments in Adobe Acrobat Sign. So let’s get started.
So here I am in Acrobat Sign, and if you want to accept payments you need to have a Braintree account. Braintree is a service from PayPal, which Adobe has partnered with to accept payments in a signing ceremony. So once you have your account set up, go into Acrobat Sign, and go to the account section, then scroll down to the payments integration. Here you’ll be asked for three pieces of information. You’ll be asked for your merchant ID, your public key, and your private key. Once you have that information ready and inputted within Acrobat Sign, you’re ready to get started with a signing ceremony that can accept payments. So let’s go to a template that I have set up, and we’ll see what the template looks like when you are accepting payments.
So here I have a template, and in this template I have many text fields to enter the item description and the customer’s name. And you’ll see some of these text fields are calculated fields. The field that I want to draw your attention to is this last field, which is the total amount. This is the payment field from Braintree and you’ll have this field available to you on the right hand side, which you can just expand and you can simply drag and drop this field onto the canvas. I’ve already done so, so let’s double click inside this field to see what’s available to you. So here, you can assign a participant, you can identify the value type. If you want to have a formula, which in this case I’m going to total up all the items as the final price, that can be entered into this field as well. And it supports US currency. There are other features available for you, such as a value range, conditions, appearances and the tools. But for today’s demo, we’ll just keep it with the formula that’s going to sum up all the items that’s entered into the agreement. So I’ll go ahead and click okay, I’ll go ahead and save this. And then let’s take a look at an actual signing ceremony.
So here I am in the signing ceremony. I have all of my item descriptions. I have the unit price, the quantity, and the totals for each of those items. And then I have the grand total. So here we have a client, Stacy Pak, that’s entered in her information, so all she needs to do is sign the agreement. So we’ll go ahead and type in her name. We’ll click apply. And then what you’ll notice is it’ll say pay and sign. So we’ll go ahead and click on pay and sign and a modal will come up, will prompt you for your credit card. So we’ll go ahead and put in a fake credit card here, since this is a demo.
We’ll put in the expiration date, and the security code, and then we’ll place the order and sign.
And that’s all there is to it. Really simple to accept payments within Acrobat Sign using your Braintree account. So once the document and the agreement is processed, you’ll receive a copy of that agreement and you’ll receive the funds within your Braintree account. So I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching. -