Create an advanced workflow with Power Automate

Learn how non-technical members of your organization can advanced simple workflows that connect to other systems using the pre-built Microsoft Power Automate connectors that are included free with Acrobat Sign. These automated document workflows help drive speed and efficiency for common processes, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, and minimize errors and rework.

Learn how to automate repetitive tasks and connect to other systems without any coding using the prebuilt Microsoft Power Automate connectors that are included with Acrobat Sign. These connectors allow non administrators to create advanced workflows for themselves and their entire team. To create a new workflows select the workflows tab from the home page. On the workflow page, administrators can create a custom workflow or a Power Automate workflow, which we’re going to do. There are predefined templates that are grouped by type. File organization allows you to save any signed documents to SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox and other systems. Notifications allow you to get automatic notifications of a document signature status in Microsoft teams, Channel Slack or other systems. Agreement generation allows you to dynamically generate documents with data from Microsoft Word, Excel or other systems and send them for e-signature. We’re going to create a brand new workflow, so we’ll select start from scratch. And once this flow is created, the flow will trigger when a button is selected. This is an advanced workflow that routes contracts based on the amount. There are two inputs for this trigger the customer name and the contract amount. Next, a variable called recipient is initialized and this variable rounds the contracts to the right people for approval based on an amount. The condition is that the checks, if the contract amount is less than $10,000. Depending on the amount, the document will either be routed to an executive or a vice president for approval. The role field can also be defined. In this case, the role is set to signer, and then we select Save. Be sure to review the details of the flow and you can see all the run history. Workflow Automation integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint Automate enables anyone without coding experience to set up an automated and customized e-signature workflow that can even connect to other systems in minutes.