Adding fields to your documents

Learn how to automatically place fields on your document or use the drag and drop authoring environment inside Acrobat Sign.

Adding data fields has never been easier than with AcrobatSign. In this video, we’ll look at checking the box that says preview and add signature fields. This allows us to navigate to the next page where we’ll then be able to place form fields on our document. Here, we can leverage Adobe’s artificial intelligence agent, Adobe Sensei, which will automatically detect and place AdobeSign form fields in their respective locations on the document. On this document, we can see where form fields would need to be placed. Pressing this button will then automatically place the fields for us, Adobe Sensei even when as far as detecting the signature, full name, and date fields. In the top right hand corner, we see the involved participants and can toggle from one to another to assign fields to each.
In the right hand pane, we see a list of additional fields that we can drag and drop onto our documents, including signature fields, signer info fields, data fields, transaction and payment fields.
Down here in the right hand corner, we can reset the fields and start over if needed, or we can save the document as a template if we want to reuse it at a later point.
At last, we’re ready to send the agreement out for signature to our signing participants.