Get a digital ID from Intesi Group (Advanced)

Learn how to obtain an Advanced digital signing certificate from Intesi Group. Once registered and your identity is verified, Intesi Group issues you with a digital ID that is used to apply an Acrobat Sign cloud signature.

Adobe Sign cloud signatures are remote digital signatures where the signer’s signature certificate is hosted in the cloud. To obtain a Digital Signing Certificate, you must first verify your identity. Once your identity is verified, and you have enrolled your signing certificate, in the IG YOU app, you will have a digital identity that you can use to apply cloud signature in Acrobat Sign.
To begin the identity verification process for an Advanced Signing Certificate you will first receive an email from Intesi Group. If you have questions, there is a user guide for your reference. To register your data and submit pictures of your documents, you need to use Intesi Group’s IDentify App. This app is now available for Huawei as well. Click Start at the bottom of the email to begin. If you open the email on a computer, just point your mobile device camera to the QR code provided. If you open the email on your mobile phone, then this step will be skipped. Or if you already have the IDentify app installed, it will launch on your mobile device. Otherwise, you are redirected to the app store to install the app. Note that Time4Mind is the name of the In Intesi Group identity management platform. I’ll tap the Download or Install button to proceed, and tap Open to launch the IDentify app. Tap Accept under Intesi Group’s Privacy Policy to proceed. And if this is the first time you’re registering with Intesi Group’s Time4Mind platform, you’ll need to create your password to proceed. Please be sure to remember this password, as you’ll need it to enroll your Advanced Signing Certificate and authenticate your identity when signing documents. Tap Allow to let the IDentify app send notifications. You’ll see a confirmation message that your Time4Mind account was created. Tap OK to begin the identity verification process. In step one, you need to tap the Authorization toggle switch to give the IDentify app consent to process your personal data.
In step two, you need to input your personal information into the form. Your email will be filled automatically. In step three, you provide your birth information and country of residence. In step four, you’re asked to provide details of your identification document. Also in step four, for identification document type, you can choose either a passport or national ID card. I’ll choose Passport or this example. In step five, you’re asked to provide a picture of both sides of the document itself. If you are using a passport, you need to take a picture of the main information details page, and not the cover. You can use the camera of your mobile device to take the picture.
Repeat the process for the back of your passport information details page, or back of your national ID card. And then scroll to the top of the page to move to the next step. If you’re using iOS, the app may not show you an image of the photo you uploaded.
Once your photos are taken, tap six to move to the next step. In step six, you’re prompted to read aloud the info of your identity document in a recorded video. Tap OK to proceed, and follow the instructions on the screen to record your video. We’ll tap Start to proceed.
You are now asked to read aloud the text displayed on the screen, as the IDentify app records your video. This is part of your liveness check. Tap Next to proceed. When prompted, show the appropriate pages from your passport or national ID card to your device’s camera. Tap Next to proceed. You are asked to read out your name, date of birth, document, et cetera, those things that you typed earlier. Tap Next to proceed. Once you’ve completed the recording, you’re asked to review the video. Now all you need to do is tap Save and Submit to upload the video and details for your identity verification for an Advanced Signing Certificate. This completes the submission process. A registration agent from Intesi will review your identity documents and video. This process can take up to one business day, and you’ll receive an email when your Advanced Signing Certificate is ready to be enrolled in the IG YOU app.
When you receive the email from Intesi Group, it is recommended to open it on your smartphone. All you need to do is click on Issue Certificate to begin the process of enrolling your Digital Signing Certificate. Note that for enrolling and signing with the cloud signature, you will use the IG YOU app from your app store, for iOS, Android, or Huawei. In the IG YOU app, tap Approve to agree to the EU data privacy policy. You will be asked to set up your Time4Mind account credentials. This involves simply entering your email address and creating a password. On this screen, you just need to swipe right to continue. At this welcome screen, to enable Strong Authentication, tap Go for it.
On this screen, you should carefully review that all your personal details are correct before enrolling your signing certificate to your IG YOU app. Once you’re ready, mark the confirmation checkbox and click Confirm.
On this screen, you can tap OK to allow the IG YOU app to use Face ID or the equivalent for your mobile device. And now your Digital Signing Certificate is rolled in the IG YOU app and ready for use. Click OK to continue.
You will see your signing certificate or token in your IG YOU app. If you have more than one signing certificate, they will all be displayed. You will also receive an email confirmation from Intesi Group that your signing certificate was successfully issued. As you can see in the email, you also have access to the Time4Mind user portal. And now you’re ready to use your new digital signing certificate from Intesi Group. -

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