Signing using Intesi Group

Learn how to use your Intesi Group digital ID to authenticate your identity and authorize a remote digital signature (cloud signature) on a document.

Once you have a signing certificate from Intesi Group it’s very easy to authenticate your digital identity, and authorize your signature using a cloud signature. To begin, we’ll click review and sign.
In the agreement fill in the fields as requested by the sender. Click on the digital signature field in the document. If your organization has only a single provider enabled then you’ll automatically be routed to that identity provider. If not you’ll be prompted to select your digital identity provider from a dropdown list. Select Intesi Group cloud signature, and then click next. You’ll need to log on to time for mind. Please use your account credentials that you set up previously. If you have more than one digital signing certificate select the one you wish to use and then click next.
To apply your digital signature select click to sign at the bottom of the document. To authorize your signature you’re asked to enter a one-time passcode, OTP, using the Valid app on your mobile device. Launch the Valid app on your mobile device and then select the signing certificate that you want to use. I’ll choose Advanced Cloud signature. If you have set up face ID or equivalent for your mobile device it can be used to authenticate your identity. The OTP is then displayed in the Valid app. We’ll switch back to Acrobat Sign and enter the six digit passcode from the Valid app into the OTP field, and then click okay. Now you have finished signing the document using a cloud signature. To view the details, select download a copy. We’ll open the sample agreement PDF file at the bottom of the browser screen.
When you open the document in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader you’ll see a blue bar at the top of the document showing that the signed document was certified by Adobe Sign, and all signatures are valid. You can click on the signature panel to view additional digital signature details, and view the audit log history for this document. In the signature panel, you can see the green check mark in front of each digital signature, which is a visual indication that the chain of trust is verified. You can also expand each digital signature line for additional verification details including the change history of the document, as well as information about the time the agreement was signed, chain of trust and signer details. -