Setting up an external archive

Learn how to create an external archive for backup copies of agreements that have been signed. You can archive copies to any email address, or to Box and Evernote. A copy of the signed and completed email is sent to either the email address or the cloud service you designate.

Hi, I’m Serge St Felix, and today, I’ll show you how you can use external archives and Adobe Acrobat Sign. So let’s get started.
So anytime you’re sending agreements and you want to have a copy of this agreement into a cloud repository, or sent to another email address, Acrobat Sign gives you this option. Simply go to account, then scroll down under account settings, and click on external archive.
Now, here you can add an extra copy of any of your sign agreements to an email address. So I can put an email address here, and then, we’ll go ahead and save that. And now, anytime an agreement is signed, this particular inbox will get a copy of that agreement. I also have some out of box cloud repository such as Box and Evernote where I can configure these accounts by clicking on these links here. So you have a Box account or an Evernote account, simply set this up by clicking on these integrations here.
I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching. -