Documents tab integration for Microsoft Teams

Learn how to send documents out for signature directly from the Documents tab in Microsoft Teams.

Learn how to send documents out for signature directly from the Documents tab and Microsoft Teams. In this workflow, a marketing manager for Secure Financial is working on a new campaign. Meghan, the marketing manager, has hired a team of contractors to help, and before they can start work, the contractors need to sign an NDA because Acrobat Sign works right within Microsoft Teams, Meghan has two options to send documents out for signature the request signatures button or the documents tab. When accessing the documents tab for the first time, you need to enable permissions to access your files after consenting to accept the permissions, the documents tab displays the list of files in your office, Recents Teams and channels and OneDrive files from a list of files which can be just about any different type of file format like Word or Excel or PowerPoint. Megan selects the NDA to send for signature in the request for E-signatures panel. That opens on the right. You can see a thumbnail of the file you’re sending so you know you’re sending exactly the right file. Megan enters the contractor’s email addresses and then if needed, Megan can edit the agreement and add additional signing options before sending it for signature. But in this case, editing the document isn’t necessary. So she sends the document out for signature and once sent a confirmation message appears. And Megan has successfully sent the secure financial NDA out for signature. Megan can also track the progress of the sent agreement from the Manage tab and do things like send reminders so that the agreement is completed faster by adding Acrobat Sign to the documents tab. Marketing teams or any organization’s team can work smarter, safer and more efficiently directly inside of Microsoft Teams.