Delegate signing to someone else

Learn how to delegate the signing of a document to someone else.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to delegate the signing of an agreement to somebody else. There are two methods you can use to do this. Let’s take a look at the first.
If you’re already logged into Adobe Sign, you can delegate signing just by opening the document that’s waiting for your signature. You could click into your Manage tab to find the document you need to sign, or this might be easier for you, I know it is for me. If you click the alert that shows you that you have a document waiting for you, you’ll be brought right into the section of the Manage tab that shows you the documents that need your attention.
Click Sign to open it just as you would do if you were going to sign it yourself.
When the document preview opens, in the top left corner of the window, you’ll see dropdown.
Click that, and then choose delegate the signing of that agreement to somebody else.
Here you can enter the email address of the person you would like to delegate signing to.
You can also include a message for that person.
When you’re done, click Delegate. This sends an email to the designated signer, asking them to sign.
One important thing to note here is that until the document is signed by the delegated signer, the original signer can still sign it.
If I click back over to my home screen, in Adobe Sign, you can see that even though I’ve already delegated the signing of this agreement, it’s still available to me in the waiting for me list in my Manage tab.
Additionally, if the delegated signer signs the document, the original signer also gets a copy of the signed agreement.
The second method for delegating signing is available in the email notification sent to the original signer of an agreement.
In the email, there will be a link not to forward the document but to delegate the signing of that agreement to somebody else.
The signer clicks the link and then goes through the same process as we saw before, entering the email address of the person who should sign the document, along with a message. And then clicking delegate.
As before, an email notification is sent to the delegated signer. And again, the original signer can still sign the document until it is finally executed.
When signing is complete, a copy is sent to all parties. -