Get a digital ID from Intesi Group (Qualified)

Learn how to obtain a qualified digital signing certificate from Intesi Group. Once registered and your identity is verified, Intesi Group issues you with a digital ID that is used to apply an Acrobat Sign cloud signature.

Adobe Sign Cloud Signatures are remote digital signatures where the signer’s signature certificate is hosted in the cloud. To obtain a digital signing certificate, you must first verify your identity. To begin the process of obtaining a qualified signature certificate, you will first receive an email from Intesi Group, inviting you to fill in a registration form on a secured webpage with your data and details of your identity documents. If you do not have an email, please contact your administrator. This email also includes a link to the list of accepted identity documents, or click start to skip this step and begin the identity verification process for a qualified signing certificate. Registering for a qualified signing certificate is a three step process, beginning with providing personal data. We’ll click continue to move to the next step.
When purchasing digital signing certificates from Adobe, it’s important that you select personal certificate under type of user. Then fill in your personal information.
Scroll down to continue the form.
Choose one of the accepted identity document types to verify your identity. Fill in all the required information fields and affirm the privacy policy by checking the box, and then click continue.
Next, depending on the type of identity document you are using, you will either need to upload a color photo of the front of your national ID card or your passport details page, not the front cover. Click browse files to upload the photo.
And note, that if you’re using iOS, the app may not show you an image of the photo you just uploaded.
Next, depending on the type of identity document you’re using, you will either need to upload a color photo of the back of your national ID card or the back for your passport details page. Click browse files to upload the photo and note again that if you’re using iOS, the app might not show you an image of the photo you just uploaded. Click continue to submit the photos of your identity documents. Next, you are asked to book an appointment for a video interview with an Intesi Group operator, who is often called a registration agent. This video interview is conducted via Zoom and during the interview, the operator will ask you to show your identity documents and confirm your identity.
Pick an available date and time from the calendar. We’ll go ahead and select 4:00 pm. After you review that the date and time for your appointment is correct, click confirm to set the appointment. You will receive an email with details of your Zoom video interview. Please note that your email confirmation may take up to one business day. When it’s time for your interview, you will receive a reminder email from the Intesi Group that includes a link to the Zoom video appointment with your Intesi operator. Be sure to have your identity documents available and then click video identification to start the appointment.
To join your video appointment, the Zoom app will be launched on your device or you can give permission to Launch Zoom from your browser.
Begin by typing your name and then click Join Meeting to start your video interview. The registration agent from Intesi Group will also join the Zoom video call and ask you to verify your identity and show your identity documents. Once your video interview is successfully completed, you’ll receive an email from Intesi Group when your qualified digital signing certificate is ready. Receipt of this email can take up to one business day. When you receive the email from Intesi Group, it is recommended to open it on your smartphone. All you need to do is click on issue certificate to begin the process of enrolling your digital signing certificate. Note that for enrolling and signing with the cloud signature, you will use the IG YOU app from your app store for iOS, Android or Huawei. In the IG YOU app, tap approve to agree to the EU data privacy policy. You’ll be asked to set up your Time4mind account credentials. This involves simply entering your email address and creating a password. On this screen, you just need to swipe right to continue. At this welcome screen, to enable strong authentication, tap go for it.
On this screen, you should carefully review that all your personal details are correct before enrolling your signing certificate to your IG YOU app. Once you’re ready, mark the confirmation checkbox and click confirm.
On this screen, you can tap OK to allow the IG YOU app to use face ID or the equivalent for your mobile device. And now your digital signing certificate is rolled in the IG YOU app and ready for use. Click OK to continue.
You will see your signing certificate or token in your IG YOU app. If you have more than one signing certificate, they will all be displayed. You will also receive an email confirmation from Intesi Group that your signing certificate was successfully issued. As you can see in the email, you also have access to the Time4mind user portal. And now you’re ready to use your new digital signing certificate from Intesi Group. -

Select the image below to learn how to use your Qualified Intesi Group digital ID in Acrobat Sign.