Filling and signing a document

Learn how to fill in forms AND add your electronic signature to documents.

Let’s take a look at the fill and sign feature of Adobe Sign which allows you to upload a document you’ve been sent and fill in the fields before adding your signature. To get started, click on fill and sign, and then click on add files to add a document. We have three options to upload the document. We can use a library document, we can use a document that we’ve stored in the cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive, or we can just upload a file from our computer. Which is the option I’ll choose here. I just select the file and click open.
Then I’m just going to change the name of the document here and then click on next.
So here’s the document I need to fill out. And there are a few fields that I need to enter information and I can do that with these tools here at the top.
The text tool is selected by default so I’ll start with that. I just click wherever I need to add text and then start typing.
So I use this to fill out any information required in the document.
I’m adding my title down here and the date and then I’m going to need to sign this document.
To do that I select the sign icon up here. It gives me three options. Signature, initials or digital signature.
If I want to add the digital signature I just click on this option and follow through the steps. I’ll need to have a digital ID set up, or if I don’t I can set one up by clicking on this link and following the steps.
So let’s go back and add a normal signature. Click add signature and the default option comes up immediately which is a font based signature. I can also draw my signature and this is best used on a mobile device so I can use my finger. I can upload an image of my signature or I can use my mobile device to capture my signature in real time. So I’m going to use the default font-based signature. I click apply and then I use my mouse to drag the signature to the appropriate location on the document. Then I click done. Now I’m presented with a number of options. I can send a copy of the document to someone else, I can download a copy, manage it or sign another. So let’s click on manage this document and see the other options that come up.
This takes us to the manage tab. Here’s the document I just signed and I have the usual options, including opening to view, downloading and sharing with another person. -