Replacing a signer

Learn how to replace a signer–like when the wrong email was used when sending a document out for signature.

The default setting for Replace Recipient is to fully replace the current recipient with a new recipient. Business- and Enterprise-level plans have additional options available.
If you accidentally enter the wrong email address when sending a document out for signature, you can modify the recipient instead of canceling the transaction and starting over. This feature is also useful if the current recipient is unavailable or on a leave of absence. Replacing a signer can only be done by the original sender of the agreement. Here are some things to keep in mind when replacing a signer. You can only replace the current recipient. Recipients assigned a delegator role cannot be replaced. Agreements sent via Send and Bolt cannot use the Replace recipient feature. Recipients in a recipient group can be replaced individually and or new recipients can be added. Recipients in a parallel participation order can be replaced individually. And recipients in a hybrid routing order can be replaced individually. To replace a signer, you can select Manage this agreement from the confirmation page or go directly to the Manage tab and then select the agreement. I’ll select this current agreement in progress. And then navigate to the recipient section in the right hand pane and hover over the information bubble. What you see might not be exactly the same as what is displayed here. You may see two options, like what we have here, or just the Replace recipient option, or just the Add alternate recipient option. What you see is dependent on how your Acrobat sign administrator has configured your account settings. Now the Replace recipient option will outright replace the current recipient and deny them further access to the agreement. The Add alternate recipient, however, will include the new recipient and leaves the original recipient in place and capable of completing the agreement. I’ll select Replace recipient and enter the new email address. You can add an optional message for the new recipient and then select Replace. Then you will see a success banner display at the top of the page. Now that I know the transaction is complete, let’s take a look at what the activity and audit trail looks like for this transaction. You’ll find this in the Completed section of the Manage tab. When you select the document, under Activity List it very clearly specifies when the recipient was replaced. You can also find the same detailed history when you open up the PDF audit report. So the next time you realize that you’ve entered the incorrect email address when sending a document, don’t stress and cancel the transaction. Instead, use the Replace recipient command to update the email address.