Manage & track your agreements

Learn how to manage and track documents sent for signature in Acrobat Sign. Get real-time status updates and notifications for every document you sign or send for signature.

Adobe Sign has a lot of tools to help you manage agreements, you’ve sent out for signature. Once an agreement is in flight, you can track its progress at every step, set up reminders for those who still need to sign, and all your completed signature transactions are stored here in Adobe Sign, for you to view, share, and extract data from as needed. Let’s take a look at the basics of navigating your Manage page.
To view your agreements, you can click straight over to Manage from your home screen, or you can use the action card at the bottom of the window. You also have a couple of shortcuts up here, that will take you straight to a particular view of your agreements. I’ll click here, to see all of my agreements that are currently in progress. This will open up my Manage page and instantly show me all the agreements that are out for signature. I could also browse other status groups over here on the left.
Each of these documents has specific tools and information for me to use. For example, hovering over this in progress agreement gives me a quick option to add a reminder. Clicking on the agreement will open up a panel on the right with many more actions available.
I can see the agreement status and the message that I wrote to my signer.
If I expand the Action panel, I’ll see even more options for viewing the agreement, for checking out the audit report up to its current phase. If the document was printed and wet-signed, instead of electronically signed, I could scan that paper and upload the file here, which would complete the transaction.
I can also see that this agreement can still be modified or even canceled, because it hasn’t yet been signed. Completed agreements on the other hand, can’t be modified, that would invalidate the signature. But I can always access the transaction information, audit report, and any form field data that this signer entered. I may also want to share a completed document with others on my team for visibility purposes. Any signature transactions that have been canceled, that have expired, or have been started but not finished, can be found in these additional categories on the left. The Manage page is also where you can access and export data collected from a bulk send or web form. Find those options along with your document templates, down here at the bottom of the left-hand pane.
Let’s take a look at this web form.
I can grab the URL or the embed code from here, or download all submitted responses as a CSV file. I can also edit the web form, without needing to recreate it from scratch.
Clicking over into our Bulk sends, I can see that this document was sent to five people, two of whom have already completed their signature. I’ll click into the three in progress transactions to send reminders to those who still have to complete the agreement.
One of my favorite ways to use the Manage page to check on my agreements is to use the search and filter tools at the top of the window. I can filter all my documents by date, which is really handy, or use the search bar to enter the document title, signer name, or even information that was entered into a form field on the agreement. I’ll type the word alphabet, and see that I have four files with this word included.
Opening up this file, we’ll see that Heather indeed entered Alphabet Street as her address.
There are a lot more hidden gems on the Manage page. So go check out some of the things you can do with your Adobe Sign agreements. -
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