Commercial policy agreements

Efficiently collect signatures from all your employees on Policy Agreements, policy updates, and more. Learn how to create an online web form that can be completed and signed without printing or mailing anything.

Hi, my name is Lori DeFurio and I’ll be spending the next few minutes reviewing how to set up a web form in Adobe Sign. Before I jump into the recipe, I want to review the apps & services I used. Adobe Sign Enterprise is required. If you don’t have access check with your IT admin or contact your Adobe Customer Success Manager. Your Adobe Sign account will need to be configured to allow you, or your Sign users, access to Web Forms. Select Account tab, Account Settings, Global Settings and then select ‘Allow the use of Web Forms’. The sample form included in this recipe is a one page PDF - a Request for time off. The file included has all the form fields added and tagged for use in Adobe Sign. Starting at - I’ll click on Request Signatures card, which brings me to Adobe Sign. And I’ll select Publish a web form. I’ll fill out the required fields. If you need a counter-signer, add their email address. And if you need someone CC’d - click on Show CC. And add the CC’s email address. I don’t have a CC, so I’ll go ahead and hide it. Next, you’ll add the form that you’re going to use. And now select Preview & Add Signature Fields and click Next. And here’s the form in Adobe Sign. Because we added the form fields in Acrobat, they’re already positioned here to use. And they’re all assigned to the Web Form Signer. If I need to edit or update the field I’ll use the tools on the right side. And when ready, just select Save. And now you have your web form. You’ll want to copy the URL to post on your web page. or you can use the Embed code as well. Now let’s take a look at managing your web form. Select Web Forms from the left and our form is displayed. Select it, and you can see some of the Actions. Select “See 4 more” to see the full list. If you scroll down under Agreements, you’ll see all the forms submitted. I’ll click on the “2 completed”. Which shows me the high-level data of the submissions. I’ll go back to the Web Forms menu, and you can select “Download Form Field Data” to create a spreadsheet of submissions. That’s it. Easy to create a web form in Adobe Sign. Thanks and please stay safe. -

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