Document Builder for Salesforce

Learn how to create a reusable document template using Document Builder for Salesforce. Reusable document templates provide speed and consistency in your sign transactions and the ability to manage document revisions and changes.

Hi, I’m Serge St Felix, and today, I’ll show you how you can generate documents in Salesforce using Document Builder from Adobe Acrobat Sign. So let’s get started.
So here I have an actual agreement, or in this case, a document in Word that I want to leverage in Salesforce. And I want to be able to add from Salesforce my user’s full name, mailing address, and the city, state, and ZIP.
So Adobe has a tool called Document Builder which allows you to create custom agreements within Salesforce. As long as you have Acrobat Sign, you have access to this solution for free.
So let me go over to Salesforce and show you how this is done. So here I am under Adobe Sign for Salesforce and I’ll go over to the agreement templates and I’ll select New Agreement.
I’ll go ahead and give this a name.
We’ll call this the Altura Agreements.
We’ll copy this, and I’ll click Save.
Now I’m ready to start building my document.
So here under Template Details, I want to leverage the contact object. So I’ll click on this dropdown and select Choose from other objects.
And I will select Contact.
And now I’m levering the contact data. Under Attachments, instead of uploading a document or using a reusable template from Acrobat Sign, I’m going to create a new template using Document Builder. So we’ll go ahead and give this the same name. I’ll click Create. And the first step is selecting a record. So selecting a record allows you to preview the data as you’re building your document. So I’ll go ahead and select a record that I’m familiar with. We’ll select Stacey L Pak, and we’ll click Next. Now I’m going to add these fields. So when I click on Add field, if I select the first name, it’s going to give me Stacy’s first name. And then I can continue and I can start selecting other information that I want to add in this agreement. And so I’m going to go ahead and add her last name. I want to add the street name. And then I want to finish off by adding the city, state, and ZIP. So here I have my city and then I can go ahead and add my state.
And then lastly, I’ll go ahead and add the ZIP code.
And so now I have all the information that I need for this agreement.
I’ll go ahead and click on Next.
And now I can tag my document. So tagging your document is just basically clicking on this copy button, and it’s going to contact this tag and I can come back to my document and I can start adding those tags where I want the Salesforce data to appear. So as you can see, I’ve gone ahead and I’ve selected a few tags and I’m adding it to my actual agreement itself. So I have my first name, last name, I have my mailing address, I have my city, and I actually have the state. Then lastly, I’m going to add my ZIP code.
Now before I’m done with this agreement, I want to show you another cool tool called the Document Generation Tagger. This is an add-in in Word as long as you own Acrobat Sign. And so I can come in here and I can click on Get Started. I’m going to continue without JSON data. And right over here where it says Adobe Sign, I’m going to select this because I want to add a signature field in this document. Now if I have text tags memorized, I can just add the text tag that I need for a signature field. But if I don’t, I can use the Adobe Document Generation Tagger to create my text tag for me for a signature. In this case, I only need one signer.
I’ll select Signer 1 under Recipients. And then for the field type, I want to select Signature. I’ll go ahead and give this a name. We’ll call it Signer. And then down below I will highlight this field.
And then I’ll click Insert Adobe Sign Text Tag.
And now that I have that complete, I’ll go ahead and save this document.
Now I’m going to come back to Salesforce and I’m going to click Next.
In here, I will upload the document that I’ve just saved. So here’s the document.
I’ll select and click Open. It’s going to upload the file. I’ll go ahead and click Done, and I can give this a name.
I’ll go ahead and click Next. And then here, I can select any record to see what that would look like as a preview. Again, I’ll keep the record for Stacy. I’ll select Preview. And what will happen here is Document Builder is now going to communicate with Acrobat Sign to leverage its APIs to grab the data from Salesforce and preview that data right in this document.
So here we have the full name, mailing address, city, state, and ZIP.
So it looks like everything looks good here. I will go ahead and click on Save and Close.
And I’ll click Save.
So now I’ve just generated a template using Document Builder. I’m ready to actually use this for a signing ceremony. So let’s look at the signing ceremony.
I’ll go ahead and go to my list of contacts, and we’ll go ahead and select Stacy.
And then I can go ahead and click on the send button and I will select Altura Agreements.
So now it’s preparing the document.
Once the document has been prepared, I can add Stacy’s email address, and I can send the agreement. So under Search Contacts, I’ll type in Stacy’s name. This will bring up her email address. You’ll notice here under Files, I have the actual agreement. I will check this box where it says Preview & Add Signature Fields, just so I can double check that the data and my signature field is placed in my document. So here the agreement’s getting prepared from Acrobat Sign. And once the agreement is done, I can preview to ensure that my information is correct. Looks like I have it here. I have my signature field. I’m ready to send. So I’ll go ahead and click on the send button. I’ll click Okay.
And then let’s move over to my tablet. And let’s look at the agreement.
So it looks like I have this agreement here. I’ll click on Review and sign.
And then here’s the actual agreement itself.
And once the thumbnail has been generated, I’ll be able to see all the data that came from Salesforce into this agreement.
I’ll give it few more seconds here and there it is. There’s Stacy’s full name, mailing address, city, state, and ZIP. And now I can come and sign. So if I were Stacy, I would go ahead and type my signature or I can draw it.
And that’s all there is to it. I’ll click Finish, and I’ll Tap to sign.
So this is how you can generate documents in Salesforce using Document Builder. I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching. -