Commercial contracts and requisition forms

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Hi, my name is Lori DeFurio and I’ll be spending the next few minutes reviewing how to set up a workflow in Adobe Sign.
Before I jump into the recipe, I want to review the apps and services I used. Each recipe requires Adobe Sign enterprise. And if you don’t have access check with your IT team, or contact your Adobe customer success manager. Additionally, we included a PDF form in the recipe. And Acrobat might come in handy if you’d like to review how the form fields were created on the template.
This recipe shows you how to work with a complex form. One that has multiple signatures and calculations. The sample form is a requisition form.
The form included has all the fields required. If you open in Acrobat DC you can see the fields and their options. When loaded into Adobe Sign all the form fields are available.
To create a workflow you’ll need admin access, either as the overall account admin, or as a group administrator. Select account, tab and you’ll see workflows on the left.
I’m starting in Adobe Sign and I’m logged in as an administrator. I’ll select the account tab and select workflows from the left. I’ll click the plus symbol to add a workflow and now I need to complete or review all the components. Workflow info, agreement info, recipients, emails and documents. I’ll name my workflow, decide on which groups have access to this workflow. The default is all groups, but I’m going to use sample checklists. Next is agreement info.
I’ll add the agreement name, requisition for supplies. I’ll update the message. And I’ve decided to add a required CC. There must be at least one email, but no more than two, and I’ll make it editable, so the person sending the workflow can identify who is the CC’d person.
Next, recipients. This is where you set up the workflow. How many people are involved, what is their role? And so on.
I’ll start with the first recipient. They’re a signer, but I’ll update the name to certifying official. The rest looks good, so I’ll select, okay. Click the plus sign to pick the second recipient. Again there’ll be a signer, but you have lots of other options available.
And finally the third signer, which I’ll name approving official, and that’s the sequence of the workflow. Certifying official, then recipient, then approving official.
This section allows you to identify who receives emails about the workflow and process. And the final section is for the form templates, or documents. Select the plus sign and search for your template.
I’ll add a name and set it to required. Now you’ll select activate to make it available to your group, or organization.
And there it is. So let me show you how to use it.
Back at the home tab, I select start from library, I’ll select workflows and the appropriate workflow and select start.
Based on how we created the workflow, you’ll add three signers and one person to be CC’d.
Notice the document name is already populated, based on the workflow and the file is already attached. You just have to select send.
And if you want to check on the status click on the manage tab and you can see the workflow at the top of my list, I’ll select it. And I now can see the status and action. And if I scroll down till I see the recipients and I’ll select activity to see where the document is in the workflow process.
Well, that’s it. Thanks, and please be safe. -

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