Signing using Aadhaar

Learn how to use your Aadhaar digital ID to authenticate your identity and authorize a remote digital signature (cloud signature) on a document in Acrobat Sign.

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identity number provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India. It is available to Indian citizens around the world and eligible residents in India. To use Aadhaar signing with Adobe Sign requires a digital signature field. This video shows the experience for the signer authenticating their identity using Aadhaar, and e-signing a document. For eligible residents and citizens in India, it’s very easy to use Aadhaar signing to authenticate your identity and authorize your signature in Adobe Sign. We’ll start by selecting review and sign in this email message. In the document, select the digital signature field to begin signing the agreement. In Adobe Sign, you can use a variety of styles to sign a document. We’ll use Type, and once you’ve typed your name in the signature panel, select Apply. In the Digital signature preview screen, select OK to authorize your signature, and then select Click to Sign at the bottom of the screen. For each signature using Aadhaar, you’ll need to select on the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions for NSDL, the certified trust provider that issues the digital certificate, select Accept. Next, you’re asked to select on the checkbox agreeing to authorize the NSDL, electronic signature service the ability to use your Aadhaar number to authenticate your identity. Enter your virtual ID or Aadhaar unique identity number in the text box and then select OTP to send a one-time passcode to your registered mobile device. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile device from VM Aadhaar into the text box. Next, select verify OTP to complete the e-signature process. You have finished e-signing using VM Aadhaar to authenticate and apply a digital signature. To view the details, select the download a copy link and then select the sample agreement PDF icon at the bottom of the browser screen. When you open the document in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, there’s a blue bar at the top of the document showing that the signed document was certified by Adobe Sign using an e-Mudhra certificate which is used only in the India data center. Select on the Signature Panel to view additional detail on digital signatures applied and audit log history for this document.
In the signature panel, you can see the green check mark in front of each digital signature, which is a visual indication that the chain of trust is verified. You can also expand each digital signature line for additional verification details, including the change history of the document, since the first digital signature was applied, as well as information about the time the agreement was signed, chain of trust and signer details. -